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FinNexus Products

FinNexus's main product is FPO (FinNexus Protocol for Options). The protocol has two versions, FPO v0.1 (Currently terminated for future upgrades) and FPO v1.0. You can read more about them in our dedicated FPO section. In addition to FPO, we have a variety of other products which are currently live or under construction.

  • FNX Liquidity Mining - Earn rewards by providing FNX liquidity on Uniswap!

  • Wandora Box - A Wanchain based decentralized price prediction game which serves as a proof of concept for FPO

  • Jack's Pot - A Wanchain based no-loss lottery inspired by Stake Together

Wanchain DApp guides

Guides for using the Wanchain Wallet and DApp store can be found at and at