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The FinNexus Token - FNX

The FNX token is the network token for the entire suite of FinNexus protocol clusters. It serves a variety of purposes including payment medium, settlement medium, collateral, liquidity mining, governance, voting and more. In our flagship FinNexus Protocol for Options (FPO) product, its most important role is that of collateral. It is the value from which synthetic options may be generated. As FPO's options are all over-collateralized, the value of the assets in the FPO pool must always be enough to cover outstanding options contracts, and FNX will play a key role in providing that value.

Token Distribution

Please go to FNX dashboard for circulation details.

New Distribution Percentage Status Time to Release/Burn Duration of Release
Coded Max Supply 500,000,000
Burnt (old) 323,504,593 burnt burnt NA
Total Supply 176,495,407 100.00%
Current Circulation 24,023,182 13.61% Circulating -
Institutional Reserve 3,472,225 1.97% locked 08/26/2020 12 months
Team 25,000,000 14.16% locked 05/26/2021 30 months
Operation 10,000,000 5.67% locked 05/26/2021 60 months
Insurance Fund 25,000,000 14.16% locked - -
Community Rewards 79,000,000 44.76% locked according to the incentive plan -
Future Token sales 10,000,000 5.67% locked TBD -

*(The table above is the distribution on 2021-03-01) Please go to FNX dashboard for updated circulation details.