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FNX Crosschain bridge

Bridges Connecting Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Wanchain Deployed

The three-way bridge is active, linking our pools on Ethereum, BSC and Wanchain. This means FNX tokens can now migrate seamlessly across the three blockchains — an achievement made possible by the team at Wanchain, who has provided the necessary tech and expertise.

Users can either go to or use Wanwallet to freely migrate FNX tokens among the three chains. A ‘bridge’ button has also been added on the FinNexus Protocol of Options (FPO) asset page as below.

The FinNexus team has moved all the FNX reserves previously on Wanchain to Ethereum. Please check the updated token dashboard here.

The bridges mark both the final step of our deployment on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) — which has now been entirely completed — and a new moment in FinNexus’ collaboration with Wanchain, a fruitful partnership now over a year long.